Valentines Kiss Emoji Cushion

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  • Perfect high quality lint-free smiley cute pillow, great hand feeling, soft and no odors. Also the happiest thing in the world! Great way to express yourself with these crazy and fun emoticons.
  • Want add more fun to your space? Moving these cute Emoji pillows your room!
  • High quality material. Extra soft plush and great PP filling cotton, comfortable and soft.
  • Cute Emoji style pillows, also perfect gift for family and friends.
  • Wonderful companion for children as well, you can put it in kid's room, your car, everywhere you want.
  • Cute and funny Emoji shape stuffed toy.
  • Plush, lint-free outer.
  • Soft and loveable - great for kids!
  • Suitable for the head and back.
  • Manufactured from Reliance Premium cotton filling to make it plump.
  • Perfect size for a head or lap pillow.


Are you and your partner always sending each other lovey-dovey text messages? Do you have a habit of using emoji’s instead of words? Maybe you want to let someone know that they set your heart aflutter but don’t have their number (yet!) or perhaps you just want to pretend you have a big emoji for a head?! If so then this fabulous Heart Eyes Emotion Cushion makes an ideal gift!

This fun emotion face cushion is perfect for sending to that special someone, not only because it’s big and soft and totally cute, but also because when you’re apart they can cuddle up to it while texting you!

Valentine - the festival celebrating love. Let your partner know how much you care and appreciate him/her OR simply send this gift as your proposal -Will you be my Valentine? If you're looking for the perfect birthday present or a special gift for your loved once, then the triad basics toys are the one to pick. This super soft and cute plush toy is totally huggable and will be sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face. Good quality and non-toxic materials are used in the creation of this plush toy for kids, with lifelike detailing. This stuffed toy will make an excellent companion for everyone.


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