Valentines Gift Box D5

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Valentine - the festival celebrating love. Let your partner know how much you care and appreciate him/her OR simply send this gift as your proposal -Will you be my Valentine?

Message in a bottle gift for a special one. Everything included. You personalize once you get it.

Messages in bottles are back in fashion. Surprise your loved one with a set of  bottles with a blank message in each. The bottles are packaged in a beautiful Wooden gift box handcrafted with love.

As soon as (s)he pulls the cork, a long ribbon tied to it will open out to reveal your message. Hide the bottles for your loved one to find or hand over each one at a different time. Romantic Message in a Bottle Gift for Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day, Personalized Keepsake and more! Express your Romance, Thank You, Marriage Proposal, Apology or Friendship. A stylish way to send thoughtful holiday, New Year or Christmas wishes. If you could bottle the love and happiness you're feeling and share it with your guests, it might look like this. Use this beachy-looking, corked glass bottle, to hold your well wishes or maybe directions to the after party?


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