Summer Collection

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Summer Cleanup 5 in 1 face massager
5 in 1 Facial Massager: Crude polish accessory: to rip ...
Rs 450
Ex Tax: Rs 450
Summer creative 2 in 1 Mist spray water bottle
Features: Leak Proof Design, Use As Water Bottle or ...
Rs 999
Ex Tax: Rs 999
Summer Heat Protection Aloe Vera Cool Gel Eye Mask
Features: ·       &...
Rs 250
Ex Tax: Rs 250
Summer Kinoki Detox Foot Pads
100% Natural FOOT PADS to Relieve Stress, Remove Impurities,...
Rs 249
Ex Tax: Rs 249
Summer Reusable Cooling Gel Face Mask
FEATURES: Pain Relief: Full Face Coverage to relieve...
Rs 350
Ex Tax: Rs 350
Sun Protection Heel Cushion
Features: PAIN RELIEF: Efficient and instant remedy ...
Rs 299
Ex Tax: Rs 299
Sun Protection Soft Silicone Gel Socks
Features : Soft and comfortable, Light and breath fr...
Rs 450
Ex Tax: Rs 450
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