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100% Original VEGA Fab Hair Straightener
FEATURES: Ceramic coating plates for less stress on ...
Rs 1,499
Ex Tax: Rs 1,499
2 In 1 Hair Beauty Set Curler and Straightener
Rs 679
Ex Tax: Rs 679
3D Platinum Face Lifting Roller
FEATURES:  SPA LEVEL MASSAGE - With new kneadin...
Rs 369
Ex Tax: Rs 369
4D Face and Body Lifting Massager
FEATURES:  Made of high quality durable ABS + s...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
5 in 1 Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer
FEATURES: 5 in 1 set - eyebrow shaping, body shaver, no...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Back Support Mesh
FEATURES: ·       &...
Rs 399
Ex Tax: Rs 399
Complete body care Acupressure Massager kit
FEATURES: Effective health cure is right here! PERFE...
Rs 850
Ex Tax: Rs 850
Ergonomic Hair Straightener with Ceramic Plate
FEATURES: Emits infrared heat for gentle styling O...
Rs 598
Ex Tax: Rs 598
Face Slimming Roller
FEATURES:  Activate skin cells metabolism. Make...
Rs 399
Ex Tax: Rs 399
Full Body Electric Massager to Promote Blood Circulation and Anti-Aging
FEATURES: Provides soft and smooth skin an...
Rs 450
Ex Tax: Rs 450
Gemei Professional Hair Trimmer
  5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Gemei Profe...
Rs 850
Ex Tax: Rs 850
HTC Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
DESCRIPTION:   Growing a beard is an easy task,...
Rs 799
Ex Tax: Rs 799
Kemei Professional Rechargeable Hair Clipper
FEATURES: Cordless cutter, beard trimmer, ...
Rs 699
Ex Tax: Rs 699
Kinoki Detox Foot Pads
100% Natural FOOT PADS to Relieve Stress, Remove Impurities,...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Magnetic Hair Vibrator Brush
FEATURES: Long lasting nature Seamless finish S...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Micro Touch Personal Trimmer
FEATURE: Stainless Steel Blade: It’s the durable, ...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Mini Cordless Rechargeable Shaver
Rs 599
Ex Tax: Rs 599
Nova Cordless Rechargable Shaver
DESCRIPTION: Nova Cordless Rechargable ShaverLook like ...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Nova Salon Straight Style and Control
FEATURES:  Straighten hair Protect Hair and H...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Pain Relief Magnetic Pyramids Mat
DESCRIPTION: Pain Relief Magnetic Pyramids Mat for the ...
Rs 550
Ex Tax: Rs 550
Pain Relief Spiky Magnetic Massage Ball
FEATURE: Effective for relieving fatigue Your hand...
Rs 279
Ex Tax: Rs 279
Palm Rotatable Magnetic Massager
Features: Body care with 9-roller rolling Massage ...
Rs 550
Ex Tax: Rs 550
Ped Callus Remover
FEATURES: Ped Callous Remover Power buffs away callu...
Rs 550
Ex Tax: Rs 550
Philips Dura Power Trimmer
Rs 1,399
Ex Tax: Rs 1,399
Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer
Rs 1,899
Ex Tax: Rs 1,899
Portable Dual Use Car and Home Massager
FEATURES: 8 rollers, soft, springy massage head with...
Rs 1,499
Ex Tax: Rs 1,499
Portable Easy To Carry Hair Trimmer
Rs 299
Ex Tax: Rs 299
Professional Ceramic 2 in 1 Hair Straightener Brush
FEATURES: Fast Brush To Smooth & Straighten Salo...
Rs 750
Ex Tax: Rs 750
Professional Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener & Curl Temperature Control
FEATURE: 2 in1 Hair Straightner, EHD+ technology, Wi...
Rs 599
Ex Tax: Rs 599
Relax Double Roller Massager
FEATURE:  Roller design, feel comfortable, suit...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Relax Fat Control Cellulite Massager
Features:   Fashionable with compact and del...
Rs 650
Ex Tax: Rs 650
Reusable Gel Cooling Face Mask
FEATURES: Pain Relief: Full Face Coverage to relieve...
Rs 350
Ex Tax: Rs 350
Skin-Friendly Electric Shaver
Features: ·      &n...
Rs 399
Ex Tax: Rs 399
Wrinkel And Dark Circels Remover
FEATURES: Inheritance meridian massage, innovative m...
Rs 450
Ex Tax: Rs 450
Sale Yes Painless hair remover
Highlights Instant, pain-free hair remover that's safe...
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Rs 1,499 Rs 899
Ex Tax: Rs 899
Yoga Spiky Massage Ball
DESCRIPTION: Yoga Spiky Massage Balls are the perfect t...
Rs 230
Ex Tax: Rs 230
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