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3 Hooks Unisex Waist Corset
Features: ·       &...
Rs 3,750
Ex Tax: Rs 3,750
5 in 1 Pain Relief Leg and Foot Massager
FEATURES: Multifunctional massager features with shi...
Rs 9,999
Ex Tax: Rs 9,999
7 Magnetic Ball Hand Massager
FEATURES: Ease the pain and relax the muscles. Impro...
Rs 449
Ex Tax: Rs 449
Air Belt
Features:  ·      &...
Rs 499
Ex Tax: Rs 499
Air Shaper
Features:  ·      &...
Rs 750
Ex Tax: Rs 750
Ankle and Wrist Massager Bracelet
FEATURES: An elegant ring with a powerful function ...
Rs 99
Ex Tax: Rs 99
Electric Anti Cellulite and Slimming Massager
FEATURES: This is an effective, light weight and por...
Rs 999
Ex Tax: Rs 999
Electronic Foot Massager
FEATURE: Good to improve metabolism, reduce stress, ...
Rs 4,800
Ex Tax: Rs 4,800
Finger Massage Ring
FEATURES: An elegant ring with a powerful function ...
Rs 60
Ex Tax: Rs 60
KIPSTA Foot ball Pink
DURABILITY Machine-stitched ball construction. LASTING ...
Rs 1,199
Ex Tax: Rs 1,199
LCD Cordless Jumping Rope
FEATURES: ·       &...
Rs 4,999
Ex Tax: Rs 4,999
Manipol Spin Tone Slimming Massager
FEATURES: A new generation of push fat massage machi...
Rs 899
Ex Tax: Rs 899
Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager
FEATURES: • Portable hands-free design • Stylish d...
Rs 1,899
Ex Tax: Rs 1,899
Neck Slimmer
 Features: It is a totally physical therapy des...
Rs 1,199
Ex Tax: Rs 1,199
Perfect Body Toner
FEATURES: Perfect Body Toner & Hand Gripper in O...
Rs 599
Ex Tax: Rs 599
Portable Slimming Massager
Features: The secret for rapid weight management is ...
Rs 2,500
Ex Tax: Rs 2,500
Slim Freezer
Rs 8,990
Ex Tax: Rs 8,990
Slim secret Belt
I Want A Better Body - Don't Wait Do IT! Get A Fantastic ...
Rs 699
Ex Tax: Rs 699
Ultimate Hourglass Shaper
FEATURES: ·       &...
Rs 1,199
Ex Tax: Rs 1,199
Xtreme Workout Trainer at Home
FEATURES: Intense, light and effortless abdominal tr...
Rs 799
Ex Tax: Rs 799
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