LED Flame-less Tealight Red Glitter Candles

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  • Safety First - No drips, spills, safe with your children or pets
  • No Flame - Cool to the Touch
  • Convenient, Enjoyable, and Worry Free When Lighted
  •  New Design Of Stars Shine-----In order to create the stars shine effect, We looked for a wide variety of materials at the beginning of design, now finalized. This material can help to distribute flame’s effects, attention and dazzling. 
  • Incredibly realistic dancing flame LED Candle, flame simulation technology makes the candles sway and flicker so convincingly.
  • Very suitable for Christmas Decorate, Wedding Centerpieces, Party Decorate, Birthday or any other Celebrations at night.
  • Creates a warm ambiance without flame ,wax smoke or mess to clean.
  • Simply switch on / off on the bottom to control the candle light.
  • Energy-saving and zero carbon emission. Provide up to about 40 hours of continuous lighting. Can be reusable just change batteries


SOOTHING & RELAXING. Realistic flame flickers softly and gently, just like a real candle, creating a soothing and relaxing environment. Drift off mesmerized in a deep and relaxed sleep. ADD A GLOW TO ANY ROOM. Using these candles as decorative pieces, ensuring a cozy, warm, candle-lit space for entertainment, atmosphere, or decoration. FOR SPECIAL TIMES. You can use them to honor the memory of a loved one. To create a romantic dinner. You can even bring them to the beach. There is no law against LED candles on the beach or in any public place. SUITABLE FOR ANY PLACE. Anniversary, marriage proposal, outdoor candlelit banquets, promotional products, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, Christmas. 


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